Do we need any experience?
No, None at all. Its handy to have rehearsed at home with your hairbrushes if you are hoping for a reasonably professional sounding finished product... But if you are wanting to include your giggles and out takes, then just bring yourself and have fun! Our friendly engineers will give you very clear guidance about everything you will be doing.
How many hours do we need to book?
Our minimum session length is two hours for recording an audio CD, and three hours for making a DVD. However, time flies when you are having fun, and if you are having food and drink as well, time can slip away. Please feel free to phone us and discuss your requirements to help you decide how long you would like to spend with us.
Are friends and family able to come and watch?
Space is limited in the control room (which is linked to the recording studio by a window) to 3 or 4 spectators. However, the chill out room can be used for friends to relax in whilst you do your recording, although they will not be able to see you from there.
Is there a minimum age?
To be able to read lyrics or learn song words is necessary. Bear in mind that some “retakes” may be needed, and a degree of patience is an advantage – therefore very young children who may become fidgety may not get the full benefit from this type of experience. Typically, our customers tend to be between 10 years old and 70 years old!! Children under 14 should be accompanied by at least one responsible adult.
How many songs can we record?
Details on the number of tracks you can comfortably record are given on our recording packages page. However, it’s always best to have another choice to hand in case you either find yourself with extra time available or if the first choice is causing problems (you can’t reach the high notes, for instance!)
What do we get to take home with us?
On the day itself, you will normally only be able to take home your memories ! DVD’s can take up to two weeks, depending on other work that we may have on at the time.
How do we book?
You can book in person or by phone. We ask for a small deposit of £35 to secure your booking. The balance can be paid on the day (or any time before, of course!) Please note that cancellations made with less than 48 hours’ notice will mean that you will forfeit your deposit. We can accept cash or credit/debit cards as payment, although all cards attract a 50p surcharge.
What is the cost?
Our easy to understand charges are here.
Can our recording experience be personalised?
Absolutely! All sessions are devised by our engineers to take in account the age and sex of the participants. In addition, if you wish to decorate the studio or the chill out room (with “Happy Birthday” bunting, for example); please phone us to arrange this.
How many people can take part?
Please note that we can only comfortably accommodate a maximum of approximately 15 people to do the minimum recording option, which is two hours for a CD or three hours for a DVD, (although additional parents and friends are welcome to watch). If you have more than that, it will take longer to produce a video as our green screen can comfortably accommodate 5-6 people at a time, but no more. Therefore if you have more people, we will need to film a third “group”, thus taking more time.
What do we need to bring with us on the day?
As there are millions of songs, we do not hold backing tracks in stock. You will need to download one (either onto a memory stick or CD), and bring it with you. (If you google "backing tracks" and your chosen song title, you will find a suitable site from which to download your song). Its also an idea to print out the lyrics if you are unsure of them. You can either have food delivered, or bring your own, if you have decided to eat here. It *may* be possible to drop it off beforehand, but please call in advance to arrange this, as we may have other clients in directly before you.